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Linda & Shamus

Linda & Shamus

We’re well-known for our flagship product, the original, patented Comfy Cone. It’s a wonderful alternative to the plastic e-collar that most dogs get from the vet and I love the feedback we’ve gotten about it.

As I listened to our customers’ feedback and questions, I realized that we needed a way to protect a dog’s entire torso, while still allowing healing to occur in maximum comfort. After years of design work, I created the Comfy Wrap. This wrap doesn’t use compression to stay on, and because of its many features, has been one of the best recovery aids for dogs who have major surgery, hot spots or other issues along their torsos. There are some great videos on the Comfy Wrap product page, and I encourage you to watch them to learn about how this wrap can help your pet.

One of our customers who uses the Comfy Wrap for her dog gave us wonderful feedback. Her words illustrate the core benefits of this product in a way that I never could!

Here’s what Kathy posted in her review on

5 out of 5 stars Can’t say enough good things!!! By Kathy on Sep 30, 2019


My dog had surgery on her shoulder/side to remove some masses. A cone of shame wasn’t going to offer any post-surgical protection since the attack to the sutures would come via foot, not mouth. The week before surgery, I found this vest and I can attest that it works 100%!! It appears to be comfortable for her, provides perfect protection to the surgical sites and has been worn 24/7 since surgery. 

It does not impede any bathroom breaks. I told the vet what I planned on using and he asked to see it before I did. He gave his approval and will recommend it to other patients when needed. Again, I cannot say enough good things and would rate higher than 5 stars if I could!!


Kathy sent us a lovely email along with her review, and another photo of her dog, Madison, comfortably sleeping in the Comfy Wrap. In her email she said, “Here is a photo of how comfortable it is to sleep in.  And the flash shows how well the reflective strips work.”

Kathy’s experience with our Comfy Wrap is what we hope all of our customers and their dogs experience. It’s such a wonderful product and we believe it can make such a difference in the way your dog heals.

As always, feel free to send us an email at with any questions you might have. And remember to always supervise your pet while wearing any of our products.

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