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Linda & Shamus

Linda & Shamus

Most often, we hear about how our customers love the Comfy Cone for their dogs, but I actually designed the Comfy Cone for cats, too. A wonderful customer, with a 13-lb. cat, purchased a small sized Comfy Cone and wrote us a detailed review. She gave us lots of great feedback and ideas! I absolutely LOVE getting feedback like this…it’s what keeps me innovating and keeps me in touch with what our pet friends really need. The review is a little long, but well worth reading!

5 out of 5 stars“absolutely pleased with this product. (size small for 13lb cat and could not have been any smaller and fit)
lots of attention to detail and over-engineering. would have paid twice the price and still considered it a bargain. my cat really does notice the difference between this and the several other’s i have tried. he relaxes way more with it on than the others. it is obviously more comfortable for him.
the loops for the collar.. the removable stays.. the cover for the unused velcro strip.. the tab closure.. all well thought out. this collar is leaps and bounds above the others, and i have tried 4 different ones in addition to the comfy cone. being able to fold back the collar so the cat can eat and drink absolutely does work. you can leave in all the stays or just leave in the ones that suit your cat’s purpose. or leave them all out. this collar is totally configurable for your cat’s situation.
i suspect some of the neg reviews are due to overall frustration from having an animal that needs something like this in the first place. true sizing can be a challenge, but that is not due to design, but to the physiological diversity of cats in general. hey if it doesn’t fit, go to the next size. it is obviously a challenge for all brands, as i see none have a 5 star rating. the comfy collar deserves a 5 star rating, though.. it really does. this is not just some cheap peace of flat plastic.
as for the visibility issue.. meh. my cat could see no better with the “clear” collars (which are not truly visibility clear – look thru one and see). he acted no different from having the blurry vision which the clear collars offer and the opacity of the comfy cone.
regarding the collar being heavy.. i just don’t see it. this cone weighs no more than the other four flat plastic collars i purchased. my cat holds his head up just as high with this one as the others. actually, since he is more comfortable in the comfy cone, his movements and posture are more natural. of course, no cat wearing any kind of a head covering is going to be his normal graceful self. cats will always exaggerate the effect of anything added to their body.
i paired the comfy cone with a cat harness. what a great system. you can leave the comfy cone more loose around the neck because it is connected to the harness via loops. just perfect. and unlike one other reviewer, it was simple for me to remove and replace the stays while the cat was wearing the collar. you just have to push them from the opposite end from the exit hole.
one custom addition i did have to add (and i would likes to see comfy cone come up with something like this) was a neck band below the collar to prevent neck scratching. my cat was scratching his neck raw. i just took a cottage cheese tub and cut the bottom off and put it around his neck.. then put the comfy cone on. the bell of the tub rides on his shoulder and the comfy cone kind of just funnels in to the other end of the tub. the tub thingy is loose enough that it just spins when he scratches it, yet will not come off because of how the comfy cone bells out. anyway it solved the neck scratching problem.
i know the folks at comfy cone could come up with something way better than my poor idea.. maybe a little wide band type collar made out of the same material as the comfy that velcros in place and used in conjunction with their collar… or maybe an extension that velcros into place. anyway, the comfy cone plus harness and my tub has my cat on the mend! i very highly recommend this solution for your cat or dog.”
If you have any feedback about your Comfy Cone, or any of our other products, please contact us. We love to hear from you! And remember, always supervise your pet while wearing any of our products.

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