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Samson wearing the Comfy Cone


Samson & the Puppy

I have two English Mastiff's and this puppy we rescued a year ago. Samson is the one that is wearing the cone, he is a "forever" foster and an older guy that is the sweetest thing. He has an open wound on his foot being treated by a vet. The plastic cone we had from the vet he destroyed, the inflatable one the puppy tore the part where you blow it up, and then we found the Comfy Cone and it worked great! I swear Samson gets excited when I put it on him, almost like he's going for a walk or something 🙂

We purchased the extra large Comfy Cone and it was working great until our younger dog somehow managed to get out two of the stays (plastic strips) and chewed them to pieces...thanks for the amazing customer service and for sending me the replacements!

Shawn W.

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