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Testimonial – Dr. Michael Georgiades

By April 8, 2019No Comments
comfy cone folded back

Comfy Cone folded back

wipe it drooly dogs

Wipe It! for drooly dogs

We just love our products from All Four Paws. The two we use the most are the Comfy Cone and the Wipe It!.

Any of the dogs that we have seen who have e-collar phobias or just plain difficulties wearing a standard cone really respond to the Comfy Cone. They handle the application of the cone as well as the day to day wearing so much better.

For my nurses, the Wipe It! has been a great way to keep our patients clean when administering activated charcoal or barium by mouth. The Wipe It! keeps their necks, and chests clean and can be thrown into the laundry for cleanup. If only we had one for the nurses. Hmmmm……..

Michael Georgiades, DVM, Littleton, Colorado

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