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Sweet dog!

Nap time!

100lb dog wears comfy cone

Reflective edges and fits really well

This cone is AMAZING!!!! My 110+ pound dog wore it for 4 weeks straight, seriously 4 weeks. It’s held up so wonderfully, and it’s been abused. She had a surgery on / in her ear, she is also super tall and this prevented her from being able to scratch her ear at all with her long legs. It didn’t damage any walls / furniture and wasn’t unbearable when she ran into us, but yet sturdy enough to protect her and hold up to 4 + weeks of abuse. Also soft enough to be able to lay down comfortably in it. She was also able after the first several days to figure out how to eat and drink with it on, fairly well. Tips on measuring were amazing too!! Extremely happy with this cone!!

Brandi M.

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