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Linda & Shamus

Linda & Shamus

As you know, I frequently stay in touch with our customers.

Victoria, proud owner of the regal Sir Bentley, recently contacted us about ways to reinforce the Comfy Cone for her strong, 7-year old Fawn Great Dane. Sir Bentley suffers from an auto-immune disease that causes him to harm his toenails. Sir Bentley wears the Comfy Cone in XX-Large, and when he is really motivated, he puts a great deal of pressure on the plastic stays that provide structure for the Comfy Cone, bending them until he can reach his feet.

Our fix is actually pretty simple – double up on the number of stays. We’ve built the Comfy Cone with sleeves that hold the removable stays. These sleeves have enough room in them to place two stays. With double the number of stays, the Comfy Cone becomes incredibly structured, without losing the soft, padding that the material provides.

We really appreciate Victoria’s willingness to look for creative solutions, and can’t wait to hear that Sir Bentley is on the way to recovery!

Remember to supervise your pets while they’re wearing the Comfy Cone. As always, feel free to send us an email at with any questions you might have.