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Linda & Shamus

Linda & Shamus

We founded All Four Paws out of a need to bring comfort, relief and healing to our beloved Samson after he was injured. That desire – to protect the pets who love us, care for us, and who in turn protect us – still drives our product development and philanthropic efforts.

Protecting our pets can mean so many things. Just Google “protecting our dogs” and you can see articles about guard dogs, flea and tick infestations, paw health, dognapping, disease prevention, natural diets and much more. And yet, even though it seems like there is so much to worry about, we do it. As pet owners, we care for our pets as we would our families, wanting to always keep them safe and healthy.

Our commitment to this belief truly manifested in our partnership with Wags & Walks this year. Wags & Walks is an amazing organization focused on saving dogs from euthanasia and finding them the best adoptive families. To date, Wags & Walks has saved over 4,000 dogs since their inception in 2011. More than 500 dogs are saved every year by this organization, and not only that, they’re cared for regardless of injury, health condition or physical state when they are brought to the Wags & Walks shelter. We’re humbled and grateful to be a part of that story.

Donating money, products and time to Wags & Walks is hugely fulfilling, and supports the core of what we believe at All Four Paws. We make products that help pets heal, and the Comfy Cone and the Comfy Wrap are prime examples of that. We designed the Comfy Cone to make the naturally unpleasant experience of having to wear a cone better, easier, more comfortable. And with the introduction of the Comfy Wrap, we know that we can support pets from head to tail. Both of these products are tools in our kit for taking care of our own dogs, as well as helping to take care of your dogs and cats. This year, we relaunched the Wipe It!, which has been a boon to us when we’ve had to take Shamus, our big love, to the vet.

The Wipe It! seems like a fun little towel, but when Shamus was sick and vomiting, it was one of the best ways for us to keep him clean and comfortable. He could relax so much more, and that made us relax, too.

Our pets are dear to our hearts, and we hope you know that our cones and wraps and collars are here to help you protect the ones who protect you.

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