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Linda & Shamus

Linda & Shamus

I am privileged to have face-to-face conversations with many of our customers, and I also like to hear from them online. I often read the emails we get in our inbox and keep track of what they say on our website, in social media and as part of their reviews on ecommerce websites.

Below is a review that a customer posted on She purchased a Comfy Cone, and what I love about her review – aside from the five stars! – is that she gave a great tip about one of the convenience features built into the Comfy Cone, one that I use myself.

Her tip is about the hook and loop closures. Sometimes pets won’t stay still while you’re trying to adjust the Comfy Cone to the size that fits them best. Sometimes, they hate the sound of the strips opening. Over the years, I’ve learned to use a shortcut that helps to get the Comfy Cone on and off quickly and with much less frustration all around. I put the Comfy Cone on my dogs and adjust it to the correct size. Then, instead of opening the Comfy Cone to take it off, I gently pull it off over my dog’s head, without opening it. When I need to put it back on him, I simply wiggle it back over his head, gently pull his ears all the way through and make sure that the Comfy Cone is resting properly on his neck.

This shortcut isn’t the best in all situations. I definitely would not recommend doing this if your pet had ear or eye surgery, or if it requires tugging or bothers them in any way. But our customer said it in such a nice way that I thought I would share!

“Comfortable and Convenient

5 out of 5 stars  By Kris on Feb 20, 2019

After realizing my dog’s recovery was going to take more than a week or two, I upgraded from the plastic cone to this one. I definitely recommend it, especially for long recoveries. It’s padded and malleable, which makes it way more comfortable and easier to sleep in. The velcro makes it easy to adjust and get on and off (though if you adjust it right you can just slip it on and off without undoing the velcro). Thread your dog’s collar through the elastic loops at the base, then you can just slip it over your dog’s head and buckle it on. Make sure to measure your dog before you order, especially if you don’t already have the measurements of an appropriate sized plastic cone. When in doubt, go a size up.”

Be smart and sensitive to your pet’s needs, and make sure that you supervise them while they’re wearing the Comfy Cone. As always, feel free to send us an email at with any questions you might have.


  • Deirdra Doan says:

    My Frenchie has had to live off and on for 4 years in you wonderful cone
    We like it better after washing it as may time as possible to get it softer

    It keeps her from bitting feet when I am not looking and scratching ears

    Is there anyway you could make a extension piece like bras have

    She where’s the small as the medium is too long but…… think necked shortfaxe sogs Ned a medium neck size with a short length like the small

    Can you help

    I have to buy two and cute one up to sew it to the other formit to fit the neck

    • Hi Deirdra,

      We will definitely look into another size for our Extender Panel, which currently only works for the XL and Medium Extra-Long sizes. Thank you for being a loyal customer. We always update our products based on customer feedback, so your comment is going to be sent to our product designer and founder, Linda.

      Take care!
      Carol, All Four Paws

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