The Comfy Wrap

A unique non-compression therapeutic wrap to cover the body.

The Comfy Wrap is a non-compression wrap that covers your dog’s torso, helping him heal while enjoying full range of motion.

The Comfy Wrap covers your pet’s torso from neck to tail and up through the genitals and chest, preventing them from biting and scratching affected areas due to injuries, hot spots, wounds and spay/neuter surgeries.

  • NEW FEATURE! A removable cover protects the genitals, providing full abdominal coverage. Easy to remove and replace without having to completely remove the Comfy Wrap*
  • Durable, water-repellent, chew and scratch resistant padded nylon with reflective edging for nighttime safety
  • Non-compression design allows for optimal air circulation and doesn’t put pressure on organs
  • Inside chest pockets hold cold or hot packs, increasing the therapeutic effect.
  • Versatile handle helps aid dogs with standing, walking, stairs and getting in and out of cars. (While the handle shouldn’t be used to help a dog get up from a prone position, it greatly helps with mobility!)
  • Multifunctional, allowing pets to comfortably lie on the floor, a bed or car seat and play at home or at the park, without risking further trauma to the injured areas
  • D-ring on the back to easily attach a leash
  • Side straps for toting necessities
  • Easy to clean with soapy water and a sponge, and machine washable/dryable on gentle cycle for tough stains or strong urine smells

When using a Comfy Wrap, be sure to get the best fit. The Comfy Wrap should extend from your pet’s neck to their tailbone, and comfortably rest around the widest part of his abdomen.

Patent Pending

As with any medical device, please supervise your pet when they are wearing the Comfy Wrap. It’s best to purchase an authentic, new Comfy Wrap, as All Four Paws cannot approve of the condition or function of any Comfy Wrap not purchased new and directly through an authorized retailer.

* The genital protection cover is only available through certain retailers at this time, and is not yet available through online stores. Please confirm that your retailer carries the version of the Comfy Wrap you desire. 

Features of the Comfy Wrap
covers torso from neck to tail and chest area
soft foam padding
water resistant and repellent nylon
easy to wipe clean
side straps for toting necessities
More Great Features of the Comfy Wrap by All Four Paws
integrated handle for help standing and walking
reflective binding for safety
inner pockets for hot and cold packs
hook & loop for secure closures
can be used in conjunction with the original Comfy Cone
d-ring to attach leash
removable genital protection cover
See the Comfy Wrap in Action
Sizing Chart
How to Size Your Comfy Wrap

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