Chill Collar

Say no to hot dogs.

Recommended for dogs that overheat, the Chill Collar keeps flat-faced and large-sized breeds cool and comfortable while walking, playing and relaxing.

The Chill Collar is ideal for breeds such as bulldogs, pugs, St. Bernards, Great Pyrenees and mastiffs with an innovative design that features:

  • sturdy, flexible, non-rigid silicone that won’t lose its shape
  • unique hidden buckle for comfort and security
  • reusable and easy to wipe clean
  • easy to cool in the freezer
  • keeps dogs cool up to 2 hours
  • melted ice from fresh water (not more than 24 hours old) provides drinking water for pets
  • not recommended for any pet smaller than a bulldog

Simply fill the Chill Collar with water to the fill line, place in the freezer and freeze completely before fastening it around the dog’s neck with the hidden buckle. As the ice inside the collar melts, the pet can use the water for drinking and staying cool.

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Features of the Chill Collar by All Four Paws
flexible silicone
unique hidden buckle
fresh water for cooling and drinking
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