Coming Soon! New Disposable Liners keep your Comfy Cone clean and dry!

Our new Disposable Liners for the Comfy Cone come in packs of 6, and make it easy to keep your Comfy Cone clean.

  • made from high-quality, non-woven materials, cut to size to seamlessly fit into the interior of the Comfy Cone without adding bulk
  • strong adhesive backing resulting in a secure fit – just peel & stick!
  • use, remove and dispose of when ready to clean
  • ideal for road trips, visits to the vet or any time you’re not able to clean the Comfy Cone

The Disposable Liners for the Comfy Cone are specially designed to fit inside our original Comfy Cone. As always, it’s best to purchase an authentic, new liners for your pet, as All Four Paws cannot approve of the condition or function of any Comfy Cone not purchased new and directly through an authorized retailer.

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Comfy Cone Extender Panels

The Comfy Cone Extender Panel is specially made to extend the neck circumference of the Extra Large and Medium-Extra Long sized Comfy Cone without adding length from neck to snout. These extender panels add two inches around the neck, ideal for Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and other dogs with thick necks.

The extender panels come with the same high-quality materials, strong hook and loop fasteners and safety features as the original Comfy Cone and are just as easy to maintain.

Check the Comfy Cone Sizing Chart for the perfect size. We’ll have more sizes coming in the future.

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