Who doesn't love a good contest?!?!

All Four Paws, the makers of the Comfy Cone & The Chill Collar, is proud to announce the 1st ever ‘Drooliest Dog Contest' Come to Booth #733 at Super Zoo in Las Vegas and meet Zach and Little Man’s Drooly friend, Shamus, who will be modeling our new product The Wipe It! One look at Shamus and you will know what it is for.

Do you think your dog is the droolier than Shamus?! Bring your dog to botth #733 on the 23rd and 24th and enter them to see if they are the “Drooliest Dog”. Winners will be announced at 4:00 on the 24th. Cash prizes will be awarded.

All of us at All Four Paws are very happy to announce the release of the long awaited Chill Collar!  Shoot us an email ( or give us a jingle (310.314.7768) to order yours TODAY!


after rigorous testing by their Vets they highly recommend The Comfy cone

How to Clean Your Comfy Cone...In 3 Easy Steps!
Looking for a great way to clean your Comfy Cone?! Check out our latest video showing how to clean your Comfy Cone in 3 easy steps!

Hey Comfy Cone Fans! Have you had a chance to try out the "New" Comfy Cone with Stays?!

If you are using the Comfy Cone with Stays, you MUST remove the Stays in order to fold the Comfy Cone back. The Stays enables the Comfy Cone to keep its cone shape and will not fold back with the Stays in them.

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